South Florida Huskies

Coral Springs, FL

Review who previously trained,played and advanced from PBA and successfully  went on to play for College level ball ...



"If you wanna be a Huskie in your Youth, High School and College ages, then Coach DeMatties is the coach you wanna play for, as I wouldn't be with the Washington Nationals, or where I am now, without his leadership, guidance, and educating me on how to play the game at a young age, from preparing myself to play and what it takes to be a good player and how to win.

Thank you Coach and all you do for all the kids you have coached and come across in your career. I will never forget you and what you do for baseball."

Michael Taylor
Washington National (OF)

South Florida Huskies exists for the purpose of showcasing elite teams and exposing the ballplayers to another level of experience and opportunity while enjoying the thrill of competition...



Training, Tournaments, Scouting, Recruiting and Championships are on the horizon! 

Each season has proven PBA produces lead ball players who move on from prospecting to college commitments with scholarships, to careers in ball playing... 


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