Pro Baseball Academy History

Founded in 1994 by Steve DeMatties, NY Mets 1981 Draftee.

Pro Baseball Academy's focus is for showcasing High School elite teams to compete at amateur levels. PBA offers High School summer teams, ages 16-18U, as well as two College summer teams which compete in the South Florida Collegiate League.

Huskies history... in the early 1980's Dr. Warren Simmons, a Miami Beach Pediatrician, organized a semi-pro baseball team, South Florida Huskies, which played in the State League winning 10 championships and going on to play in the NABA and AAABA World Series in Tennessee and Kentucky. Dr. Simmons disbanded the team in the early 1990's. Steve DeMatties revived the Huskie Pride in 1999. Former Huskie players, Ray Evans and Noel Figueroa, went on to become coaches in South Florida local high schools.   

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Fall & Summer training

Want to know what's going on when fall and summer training games begin ...


PBA Owner Steve DeMatties

Pro Baseball Academy Founder, and South Florida Huskies owner, Steve DeMatties has a long history of experience with baseball... 

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South Florida Collegiate League

Our teams have a history of bragging rights...

South Florida Huskies 

What's happening with the South Florida Huskies?

Let's find out...

Baseball never sleeps

If you're a baseball fan, there's a lot to catch your attention in the coming weeks...


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Summer Highlights

South Florida Huskies College Summer...


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Huskies MVP 

There's more to the game than antes and bluffs and raises and bets...


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About Us

Huskies Hall of Fame 

Here are a list of Huskies Hall Fame...


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