If you would like to remit payment by check you will not pay the Paypal Fee. 
If the check is returned to our bank for insufficient funds the $35 fee we are assessed will be charged to your account. 

Pitchers $850  (check or cash only)
Position $950 (check or cash only) 

Please make the check out to Pro Baseball Academy and mail to:
Pro Baseball Academy
447 NW 47th Terrace
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

High School Payment Center 

                                                               High School                                               High School                                    High School 

                                        Pitcher Deposit                                                      Pitcher Balance                           Pitcher Full Payment 

                                               $400                                                             $475                                                   $875

High School Registration for the Summer Program offers two options, Position $980 and Pitcher $875. 

After application completion a deposit, $400 for the pitcher and $490 for position, is required for you to be considered committed and your position secured in our program.

By submitting payment and completing the above form you are agreeing that this is your electronic signature and are in agreement that there will be no refunds. Please see our refund policy here.

                                         High School                                               High School                                                      High School 

                                      Position Deposit                                       Position Balance                          Position Full Payment 

                                              $490                                                           $490                                                    $980