Summer 2011 BC/Nova Elite Tournament

Congratulations to the following Huskie Teams!
       16U white South Florida Huskies Triple Crown Champions 2011
Congrats to Coaches Jose Piedra and Scott Baker
18U Huskies Triple Crown Nationals runner-up 2011
17/18U and 18U Huskies Semi Finalist FAU Tournament

17/18U  and 18U Semi Finalist

South Florida Huskies 2011 College Team

College (33-7 in 2011)  Huskies enters the new South Florida Collegiate Baseball League. League team owners from the New York Collegiate League have come to South Florida to start the new college league right here in our backyard!

2015  Pro Baseball Academy

Will be offering during the summer of 2015 the High School Elite Showcase Baseball Teams to compete at the amateur level.

We will be developing teams from 16U-18U, as well as a College Prospect Team, to play in the South Florida Collegiate Baseball League. These teams will play in several tournaments of high caliber, throughout the state of Florida.

Showcase Elite Tournaments/League games are scheduled so that our players will play over 30-40 games in a summer season and maximum exposure is achieved.

Individual Lessons, and Bigger, Faster, Stronger (BFS), are also offered and can be found in the services link.  

The skills which are learned in the Academy are geared towards bringing the player to their highest potential. Fundamentals in all aspects of throwing, fielding, catching, batting, bunting, running bases, and pitching are covered in the lesson plans for the student athlete.

Dade, Broward and Palm Beach

The Huskies have gone on record with the most wins in the history of Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County dating back to 1984 with the original founder, Dr.  Simmons, to present day with Coach DeMatties.

Since 2000 till present the Huskies have been listed 3rd in Broward County and for the last 4 years, to present day, have been listed in the 2nd position in the overall South competition.

Read more about Owner Steve DeMatties

Huskies History

Original South Florida Huskies...

In the 80's SF Huskies were the premier team of the league and won Championships for 10 straight years going on to play in the NABA and AAABA World Series in Tennessee and Kentucky.

Today many of the players have moved on to Baseball Coaching jobs around the tri-county area ala Ray Evans (Flanagan HS, and Noel Figueroa). The team and the League was special in those days and have a mystic about the tradition behind winning and Champion Programs.

In 1999 I brought back the Huskie Pride and tradition of once a dominate program even before Mike Roberts and the mighty Florida Pokers and Florida Bombers. Now the tradition continues as we have become one of the best summer programs in the South Florida area and compete with the rest of the same type program that is and has become our competition.

South Florida Huskies College 2012 

Huskies (Blue) team finished 23-7 and played the Superstars for the Championship only to fall in a 2 out 3 series.

Huskies lost Game 1 12-10 won Game 2 16-4 and Lost the rubber game 5-3.

MVP- Spender Mumford   *   South Florida CC Batting Champ -  Mike Melendez Nova University    *   Cy Young - Nick Mirto FGCU