2017 College Parents & Players,

Summer Raffle Tickets $500 ->                                       

College Players report date Info

                   Pitchers & Catchers     2pm-4:00pm

                   Position Players      4pm-6:00pm  

                   Batting Practice 4pm

                   Pitchers 5pm  

​​                   11:oo am meet at TownPlace Suites Ft. Lauderdale

     Dear 2017 (College) Summer Season Parent and Player: 

       Are you interested in a photo album of your player following the 2017 summer season? 

       Please notify us of your interest and we will compile photos of your player from all of the home games into an album for a lifetime of memories.                                            
       Photo Album Cost is $250. Our team photographer will follow you to all of the home games, and playoffs,
       taking 10 pictures per game for a total of 320 pictures which will be copied onto a cd disc. 

       Video Package Cost is $250. Our team videographer will record all your "at bats" from every home game and copy them onto a disc with                               each game individually labeled. 


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                             Season is almost here!

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                     Job Opportunities

                              If you, or someone you know, are looking for

                         a job opportunity with a reputable baseball team,

 please contact us herefor more information.

 Previously employed coaches and associates of 

Pro Baseball Academy have remained our biggest supporters!